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"Training From the BACK of the Room" Practitioner Class


Are you a teacher, trainer or coach who has been looking for ways to make your curriculum more engaging, hands-on, actionable or fun? Do you struggle to create curriculum that encourages your students to learn collaboratively, practice what they've learned and then document ideas on how to take the information and use it later? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this "Training from the BACK of the Room" Practitioner Class is for you!

Based on the best-selling books by Sharon Bowman, the curriculum for this course will lead you through 6 Learning Principles that have their roots in cognitive neuroscience. These Learning Principles will help you engage your audience and help them retain what you've taught them. You will experience dozens of tools that will allow you to apply these learning principles in your own classroom and you will leave with an extremely full "tool bag" of tools that you can take back and start applying immediately!

In this hands-on course, you'll explore the 4C's map, which is based on Accelerated Learning, and learn how to structure your curriculum to make the most of the limited time you have with your students. You will use the knowledge you've gained to create a 4C's map on a topic that you currently teach. Teachers and trainers that fall anywhere on the spectrum from new to experienced will walk away with ideas they can implement right away. Just take a look at what some of our attendees have said about this course:

"It's imperative that all teachers, instructors, facilitators take this course. There are so many essential elements that are crucial to an effective learning experience" - TJ from Sony

"Great use of my time! The content delivery modeled the TBR concept, making them memorable and engaging. The tool bag provides me practical ways to immediately incorporate this content into my work." - Sharon from Slalom

"Nicole led us through a series of interactive exercises that introduced, modeled and reinforced best in class learning techniques. I appreciated that we applied what we are learning and we can start using it on day one." - Bernadette from Sony

"This training is a must for every Learning & Development professional. The material will take any program to the next level. Period!!!" - Ingrid from Slalom

What's included:

Who should attend?


Cancellation Policy:

Substitutions are welcome at any time. Transfers within 4 weeks of the course date may require an administrative fee. Cancellations require an administrative fee. This course is not guaranteed to run until we reach a minimum of 8 participants. We need a minimum of 8 in order to have a successful course. If the course is canceled due to low enrollment, a full refund will be offered.

About The Instructor:

Nicole Fleming first became interested in TBR through her role as Operations Coordinator with The Braintrust Consulting Group. Nicole has had the opportunity to observe hundreds of training classes in a wide variety of formats and venues. Learner interest and engagement always stood out to her when instructors utilized TBR techniques. Her initial interest led her to study under Sharon Bowman and eventually become a TBR Certified Trainer. After studying and co-training with the best trainers in the world including Sharon Bowman, Nicole is taking what she has learned and is applying her own unique perspective and approach to training.

Throughout her entire career, Nicole has always been fascinated by how people learn and retain information. Initially interested in becoming a teacher, Nicole studied early childhood development in college, but ultimately life led her down a different path. Now through TBR, Nicole is combining two of her passions: teaching and and giving back to the education community.